10 Amazing Ideas For Custom Bridal Outfits

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Are you too choosy about your outfits? Do you consciously want every detail of your outfit to be perfect? If you’re one of them then probably you’re unable to find the lehenga of your dreams. No, you should not compromise with whatever is available in the market. Instead, you should take charge of your lehenga. Get it custom bridal outfits according to your dreams after all it is going to be one of the best charmers in your wedding and photographs of course. 

Although you probably depend on the top designers to design a bridal lehenga that goes perfectly with all needs and wants. But isn’t it better to customize it yourself, so that you finally see something that says this one is only for YOU! 

Now as you decide to customize your lehenga, this blog will help you by sharing some tips and tricks. So that you can easily get your lehenga customized. From personalization in the color of your bridal lehenga or the design of your blouse neck. From its “Latkans” to the edge of “lehenga’s skirt” this blog got everything covered. 

Ideas To Get Your Lehenga Customize

1. Search For Quirky Blouse Design 

This must be your first step. The blouse is the most important element of a lehenga. Its unique design adds wonders to your lehenga and if it is not that good it can make all the limelight fade away. So be extra conscious about it. First of all, figure out what suits you best as it matters the most. Which neck suits you best? If you love to be quirky and want to be trendy then prefer not to go for a simple round neck. Opt for something unique you can use the web to decide or else consider discussing with designers.

2. Suitable Bottoms

Custom Bridal Outfits

It signifies that your bottom should be a little quirky as well just like your blouse is unique. So to do that you can add some personalizations to your skirt. Like adding initial letters or your special date. A little uniqueness and tiny personalization can make it express that it is just for YOU! Although you can do the same on a blouse as well, it depends on your wish. 

3. Don’t Forget Latkans

Everyone has different choices, some prefer small latkans whereas others prefer to highlight the glamour specifically with those blouse tie-ups. So you can add latkans of your choice. They are easily available in the local market. From fabric to metal every quality is within your reach or else you can directly reach our designers for suggestions and availability. Make sure to not forget about latkans, they are the charm to complete a lehenga. 

4. Graceful Hems

Make your lehenga more graceful with unique hems. Besides choosing an elegant neck design and sleeves design for your blouse, consider opting for stylish hems like ruffles, scalloped edgings, and fringes or hem-like petals of the lotus is also a good consideration, while customization of your skirt. 

5. Design Your Dupatta

A Bridal Lehenga is incomplete without a heavy designer gorgeous dupatta. Although it seems that every dupatta is the same, it depends on what you want to highlight in your lehenga. It could be your designer sleeves or a customized designer blouse, the skirt of your lehenga with that little personalization, or a heavy bridal dupatta. You need to decide which trend you want to follow. A heavy mirror work dupatta or a simple one with borders and beautiful decent work on it.

6. Add Decent Borders and Laces

While describing the lehenga of your dreams don’t forget to explain to your designer about adding borders and its color, either you want the same color as your lehenga or a combination with the lehenga color. You can highlight your lehenga’s sleeves, hem, or even dupatta with stylish borders.

7. Highlight With Tassels, Feathers, Ruffles, and Others

These quirky styles like ruffles and tassels are not only new but will add moons to your beautiful lehenga. You can add these to your lehenga in different ways like ruffle dupatta, furs on blouses or handmade tassels on the shoulder will probably attract the limelight. 

8. Select Your Embroidery and Embellishments

Choose everything according to you for your special day. Especially Delhites, you can choose every detail of your lehenga by yourself with Fareenas that are available in your locale. You can choose the quality of the fabric, and the type of embroideries you want on your outfit, it could be mirror work, sequin work, or any other designs. 

9. Just Bling It

When you can’t think of anything unique yet want something just for you. Go with shimmery or sequin work, and embellish it with diamonds. Maybe you feel extraordinary but who cares it’s your day and nothing is OTT today. 

10. Add Some Awesomeness 

You can do it by thinking something out of your creativity. For instance, you can add sweet messages or any personal details that are known only to you and your partner. This will not only add uniqueness to your lehenga but leave a lifetime memory in your heart and photographs.

Does Fareenas Design Custom Bridal Outfits?

Yes, Fareenas has the best designers who will help you in every way from customizing ideas to the quality of the material. Fareenas Designers will help you in figuring out what suits you best. Not just that with Fareenas you can select the type of fabric you want in your dress, the embellishments, and embroidery you prefer in your next outfit. We will design the best custom outfits not just lehengas but various dresses according to your special occasion. 

Final Words

All you need to do is just listen to your heart and our designers. You will get the best bridal outfit that you can dream of. Visit our site and check out our album to take some inspiration for your bridal custom outfit. Also, consider the above ideas to plan your bridal outfit.