10 Authentic Summer Lehengas That You’ll Love To Wear

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Wearing lehengas is the topmost thing that seeks the interest of girls at weddings.  Whenever girls wear some classy outfit, especially lehengas, we always remain full of zeal and enthusiasm to style it authentically. But in summers it is difficult to wear heavy embroidery lehengas. Although we can’t drop the idea of wearing lehengas just because of the season, right? So here is the other solution: you can wear lightweight summer lehengas.

For instance, printed lehengas, go perfect for a hot summer season. If you are going to a destination wedding then wearing a lightweight lehenga is the best choice. You can feel the breeze and remain cool in this hot season. So let’s dive into different summer lehengas options. In this article, we have researched the best collections of designers for lightweight bridal look lehengas. You are probably gonna love it. The best summer lehengas to feel the breeze or breezily look beautiful in this summer season. 

1. Dreamy Embellishments 

Check out this classy embellished lehengas designed by Fareenas earlier. You can take inspiration from these lehengas for your bridal lehenga. Prepare your custom design by getting inspired by these fantastically embroidered lehenga. Imagine your stunning bridal lehenga in such a way that you will adore it for a lifetime. Our creative designers will take your vision to the next level with their skills and talent. From glittery gold to dull red. From dazzling white to rich pink, every lehenga is expressing a story. Choose a color that will describe yours. 

2. Glamorous Glitter 

Flaunt glamorous lightweight glittery lehengas in these summer weddings. Nude colors give a royal and authentic look. Look at the following lehengas and observe them in detail. You can ask our designers to modify it according to you. Get yourself a glamorous customized lehenga that is easy to carry. It will give you a glimmering look so you can attract all the limelight at these summer weddings. 

3. Aesthetically Yours!

Summer Lehengas

Besides the lehenga, you can wear stylish suits with shararas. Take out these aesthetic and elegant suits. It seems to be a perfect sign of sophistication. It is not less than a dream to wear such a beautiful outfit at your wedding. Make it more dreamy by modifying it according to you.

4. Bold & Romantic

A hot pink and a cool peach will make you look no less than a fashionista. It will go perfect for occasions like cocktails and receptions. Get a wowing reaction from everyone by wearing these bridal edgy outfits. These are effortlessly stylish, just get one for you.

5. Shine Like a Star in Summer Lehengas

Sparkle your features and figure with these vibrant colors. Vibrant colors look fun and give a fabulous look on which occasion is better than bedding to try these innovative designer collections. Celebrate your wedding by wearing these happy vibrant lehengas. It will give you a cool, classy, and fun look. You can enhance its look by modifying it according to your body type.

6. Charming Edgy 

Fareenas offer bridal couture, check these minimalistic outfits. It is not less than icing on the cake that bridal outfits are so simple yet classy. Who doesn’t want to wear light weighted outfits at their hot summer weddings? The ones who are minimalistic or I should say love simple things. Then you should go for these types of outfits. Else, you can get a custom outfit by getting inspired by these. 

7. Shimmery Breeze

Imagine a summer destination wedding on a beach. Now combine it with a shimmery beautiful outfit. Sounds a little extravagant, right? But who cares, it’s your wedding. Even if you wear something extraordinary or unusual. It’s totally fine, nobody is going to judge you. As you have all the right to look extremely great.  Enjoy the daytime breeze with these shimmery outfits. 

8. Classy & Royal

Style yourself in these Indian outfits. Wearing palazzos is the new trend. You can combine it with gorgeous tassels. A stylish dupatta that is designed by our designer’s will do wonders for your outfit. Vibe like a star, as you’re the one at your wedding. Don’t forget to pair it with maang tikka to complete a royal look. 

9. Purely Elegant

Cool color, interesting embroidery, old school jewelry, and modern tassels. perfect to hit on your wedding. this beautiful metallic embroidery makes these outfits the right choice for a bride. Rock in your summer wedding by customizing such a purely elegant outfit for you. 

10. Golden: The New Red

Earlier the brides looked forward to a red lehenga for their wedding. Now the trend has changed and every color is trendy. People don’t hesitate to try new and quirky colors. Golden is the new favorite of everyone. If it is a golden gown, a lehenga, or a suit this gorgeous golden goes perfect with every type of outfit. Embrace your beauty with the golden color. Golden is a symbol of royalty. Give yourself a classy and magical look by designing a golden for you with Fareenas

Final Note 

Probably now you have numerous options in your mind for customizing your outfit. These 10 ideas for a summer outfit are enough for making one outfit for your wedding. As it must be special right? Don’t forget to discuss the type of fabric with our designers. Tell us your needs and we will give the best for you. So you can comfortably enjoy your summer wedding