11 Best Ethnic Wear For 2022 Wedding

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Are you planning to get married in 2022? If yes, then did you figure out what you are going to wear? Which fashion trend is worth following? Indian fashion trends offer a varied range of options, especially when it comes to traditional outfits. Different cultures, religions, traditions, and rituals are followed in India. Try ethnic wear for 2022 wedding. Delhi is the capital of India, which means it is the heart of our country. So Delhites must experiment with different and unique looks to set trends. 

There are numerous options to embrace your outfits in this wedding season. From embellishments of heavy lehengas to simple floral outfits. Let’s discuss the latest trends for 2022. The fashion industry is booming, everyone loves to follow new trends. So why not flaunt our fashion sense at weddings? This article got you covered with the 11 latest trendy ethnic outfit ideas.

Trendy Ethnic Wear For 2022 Weddings

Check out the following outfits for inspiration. Become a fashionista on your wedding day. Here is a list of trending ethnic wear ideas for the 2022 wedding. From styling an Indian lehenga to a designer saree, take inspiration from the following and rock on your wedding day.

1. Select An Elegant Saree

When you don’t find a perfect outfit go for a saree. It is a perfect symbol of elegance. Regardless of the type of occasion, you can choose a saree as an outfit. you won’t regret it. For ages, Indians have been wearing sarees and yet designers come up with trendy designs every year. So design yourself a new classy and trendy saree with Fareenas

2. Gorgeous Printed Lehengas

Heavy embroidery lehengas are not a good choice for summer weddings. But don’t let the season disturb your fashion sense. Customize A comfortable and Stylish printed lehenga for upcoming weddings. Besides being comfortable Do you know what is another benefit of printed lehenga?

You will be able to choose one from a varied range of options. Not just add you can customize it according to the theme of the event. Elegance doesn’t need embellishments. Fareenas will help you to look elegant by designing a printed lehenga just for you! But don’t forget to pair it with a heavy choker, necklace, earrings, or maang tikka, as per your comfort. 

3. Anarkali Silhouette Lehenga

Ethnic Wear For 2022 Weddings

This asymmetric hemline lehenga was introduced recently. Sheer coverings and tea length enhance the look of this lehenga. Although this style is preferred by bridesmaids, more than the bride herself. Traditional Anarkali is still the favorite choice of brides for their skirts. You can add an umbrella cut to your Anarkali-style lehenga skirt to make it look smarter. But make sure to leave its basics unchanged. For suggestions visit or contact Fareenas.

4. Exaggerated or Puffed Sleeves

According to traditional fashion sense embellishment and embroidery seems to be amazing. But now fashion is much more than just diamond work. You can feel Royal without wearing heavy embroidery dresses. exaggerated sleeves will make your outfit look luxurious & authentic. Do give it a try. 

5. Sharara Outfits

Sharara gives the most simple yet classic and traditional look. When you are looking for wearing something decent, comfortable, but a designer outfit. Then this is the best option for you. Don’t forget to pair your Sharara outfit with authentic jewelry and high heels.

6. Chikan Kari Styles

Trends may come and go but chikan kari stays. It is a combination of modern and traditional designs. Chikan’s work remains underrated but it is one of the most authentic outfits one can wear. You should give this style a try at least once.

7. Off White Color

Usually, Indians prefer red, maroon, pink, and similar colors for their weddings. But now over time, the traditions have changed and people are willing to try new things. Changing color is one of them. Off-white lehengas are so in trend nowadays. Many well-known faces tried off-white lehenga on their special occasions. As the results are just awesome, now it becomes the new red.

8. Graceful Indo-western 

These dresses are a combination of Indian and western cultures. Although there are numerous ways to try the Indo-Western look, you need to search which one goes best for you. Use the web to find out ideas on how you can style an Indo-Western dress authentically.

9. Adorable Draped Sarees

Wearing a saree requires a lot of time. Even after investing time and concentration sometimes, we fail to make perfect plates. This is a common problem but now it can be solved with the help of drape sarees. Drape sarees not only save your time but they are already a piece of glamour. It has two components: a blouse and a Saree that is similar to a skirt. You just need to drape it around and attach the palla to the blouse. You’re done, just wear a beautiful choker to complete the look.

10. Elegant Cape-Style Dupattas

This is one of the latest fashion trends. A cape-style dupatta will make your Anarkali dresses or lehenga look more graceful.

Not only as a cape style but you can leave the Dupatta ends at the back. This will give your outfit a sophisticated look. This type will look perfect with almost every dress from a liner dress to a lehenga.

Try this trend on the next occasion. 

11. Stunning Embroidery Work Lehenga

There is a varied range of lehengas available in the market. Fuss Free Lehenga, floral lehenga, pastel lehenga, organza lehenga, shimmery lehenga, and so on. But no one can be the heavy embroidery typical Indian lehenga. An embroidery lehenga is a magnificent choice for every bride. It is one of the most beautiful attire for a wedding. Customize one for yourself with Fareenas.

Why should you customize your outfit with Fareenas

 We offer good quality fabrics together with the best design by our professional designer. Fareenas always keep in mind the needs of its customers, the type of occasion, and what suits them best. All we need is to hear your vision for a customized dress. The rest is assured by us. Have Faith! 

Final Words

Now you are aware of the latest fashion trends in ethnic wear. Go through the article properly and find out the best one for you. Just keep in mind, what is the occasion and get inspired by the above-mentioned ideas. Visit Fareenas, tell us your vision and you’re done.