5 Reasons you should go for a custom wedding dress in India

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Every girl dreams to be the center of attention on her wedding day, spending a long time accumulating ideas for the dress, jewelry, cosmetics, and other bridal touches in preparation for that special day. It’s challenging to choose the perfect bridal gown.

This article focuses on the advantages of having your wedding dress custom-made just for you.

Here are 5 Reasons you should go for a custom wedding dress rather than settling for something that was not made for you.

Keeps cost under your control

When brides think of having a custom wedding dress made, they often think of a large price, but a professional designer can help you pick a design and fabrics based on your budget.

custom wedding dress

The cost of a bridal gown is determined by the complexity of the design as well as the cost of the raw materials. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a personalized wedding dress, but that doesn’t mean every bride needs to aim for the stars. If you have a set budget in mind, the designer can make recommendations that are tailored to your needs.

Our designers at Fareenas will help you get the best of both design and value when it comes to custom-made bridal or party wear.

Made just for you – The Individuality factor

Fashion doesn’t have to hurt. A beautiful bride can have a gown that is comfortable throughout the entire wedding day.

There is no one else on the world who is exactly like you. Your wedding and wedding dress will be distinctively yours because of your unique taste and style. Working with a designer to build your own personalized wedding dress allows you to show off your own flair on a day when you, your family, and your friends will be celebrating your big day.

A professional designer can tailor your bridal dress to fit you precisely ensuring satisfaction and comfort.

Customizations are truly endless with custom wedding dress

Fareenas has been making custom Bridal Wear for years and we will assist you to finalize your wedding attire, giving you a variety of bridal designs that may be tailored to your specifications in terms of silhouette, style, fabric, color, and size.

You can do your research, ask questions, and experiment with different cuts, colors, and fabrics.  From inspirational images to Pinterest pages, you can pull your ideas from anywhere and we are always open for suggestions.

Explore options, don’t just select from what’s available

Sometimes, more is not enough. A whole lot more is what you need.

From the selection of fabric to choice of colors, from details of craftsmanship to choice of embellishments, we let you decide it all. Bespoke being our forte, you are the designer we listen to and follow, and of course guide you as well. We step in to make your designs breathtakingly beautiful with the detail-oriented design team & excellent craftsmanship but you call the shots. Fareenas takes pride in our transparent process which lets you see and approve the dress at every stage and make changes if needed.

The added advantage of experts

It may be tempting to go bold and crazy with all the excitement. You always don’t have to be bold in order to look beautiful!

Trust the expertise, knowledge, and talents of the designer, stylist, or tailor who knows how to transform plain fabric into a stunning lehenga using sheer aesthetics or art.

The most crucial role is played by art. A good designer is always looking for the latest trends, classic styles, and fashion needs of the day. Using this expertise and experience, these styles should be tailored to your form, complexion, and other characteristics to create a bridal gown that appears to be custom-made for you.

The type of design or aspects you require or desire, as well as the type of material used, should be carefully chosen in accordance with your budget. Check out our store, where you can customize any items as you wish. Furthermore, you can always seek free advice and consultation from our experts.

You can make your decisions from the comfort of your own home. You not only get your hands on that custom wedding dress you’ve always wanted, but you also save a lot of time, money and energy.