5-Steps Fascinating Guide To Dress Like Celebrity  

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Most of us want to be a trendsetter like celebrities. “Either you love them or hate them but you just can’t ignore them”. So we try to follow what they do whether it is about styling outfits, or following a trendy hairstyle. Do you know why celebrities always look flawless? The reason behind this is that they mastered every detail. Let’s learn how to dress like celebrity.

Even small things matter, so over the years they analyze what suits them best. Now just keep the same few things in mind while styling or buying any outfit. 

If you want to dress like a celebrity then we got you covered in this article. Although it takes time to observe what is best for you. But once you understand you’re going to rock on every occasion. Self-realization is precious. I mean if we know what is best for us, we can customize it right? So here are the steps that one should follow to dress impeccably like a celebrity. 

How To Dress Like A Celebrity?

1. Understand Your Body Type

First thing first, you must know what your body type is. There are various types of body shapes like Pear or Triangle, Hourglass, Apple or Inverted Triangle, Oval, and so on. Some of you are already aware of it, but others probably are not. So there are some measurements through which you can judge your body shape. 

2. Learn To Admire Your Body Type

So once you understand your body type, it’s time to figure out what suits you best. Dressing up in an appropriate manner will flaunt your positives. For instance:- if you have a triangle body shape, then you can flaunt yourself by wearing something that maximizes the upper body and minimizes the lower body. Consider wearing dark bottoms and try different quirky colors for the upper body. A-liner dresses are also a good option to consider. 

3. Accessorize Your Outfit

Accessories are a girl’s best friend. When you figure out what suits you best it’s time to accessorize it. Using perfect accessories will do wonders for your look. Like you can add rock and heavy accessories with simple dresses. While adding a simple and elegant pendant with heavy outfits will be great. 

Tip:- Don’t hesitate to try different quirky accessories but don’t overdo it. 

4. Try New Things

Celebrities begin new trends because they never refuse to try new things. Instead of hesitating in trying new things try to be a “trendsetter”.

5. Footwear & Hairstyle

Don’t forget to choose the perfect footwear. For instance:- You can wear sneakers with jeans but they won’t look good with Indian Outfits. So keep a check on it. Coming up with the hairstyle, you can figure out your face shape to understand which hairstyle will flaunt you more. Example:- When you pair an ethnic outfit at a wedding with a bun either a messy or a classy one can make your look perfect especially when it comes to wearing a lehenga or saree. 

Styling Ideas To Dress Like Celebrity For A Wedding 

A proper typical Indian Weddings commonly have various ceremonies like Mehendi, engagement, sangeet, wedding day, and reception. These are just the main functions we didn’t count on in those various rituals that hold great importance in our lives. Particularly for Delhites, bachelor’s parties hold a special place for their weddings. 

So as the wedding season is coming soon, now you should start planning your outfit ideas. Obviously, you want to look gorgeous and flaunt every occasion. We took styling inspirations from fashion icons of Bollywood and covered them in this article for you. 


Although the bridal lehenga is going to attract all the limelight. Yet if you are a bridesmaid or her best friend, you can go for a decent lehenga. It is not necessary that you have to wear a heavy embroidery lehenga. Instead, you can keep it simple by wearing a floral or any other classy lehenga. 

All you need to do is think of a design that will suit you best and share it with our designers to customize it for you. The rest will be done by Fareenas designers. You can accessorize it with pearl jewelry to make your look more elegant. A simple yet great outfit idea for an upcoming wedding.


Various trends come and go but Anarkali stays forever. Whenever you can’t think of a unique outfit go for Anarkali. It is a great outfit that is also loved by Bollywood fashion icons. Many divas have been noticed wearing Anarkalis on various special occasions. So don’t hesitate to flaunt this dress at the next ceremony of an Indian wedding. If you can’t find the best one for you. Visit Fareenas we will customize it for you. 


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Saree is a symbol of simplicity. It is not only a glamorous attire but it is traditional as well. So it can be a perfect choice for a wedding ceremony. There is a varied range of options in sarees like banarasi, organza, silk, and so on. You can design a customized one for you with Fareenas. Wearing a designer saree is a new trend. Don’t forget to add a maang tika to complete a traditional look. 


Although it is not much preferable for a wedding day. But it is a great option for other wedding functions. Accessorize it with Jhumkas and complete your classic look for wedding functions like sangeet. 

What Type Of Dresses Fareenas Design?

Dress like celebrity

Fareenas design traditional party wear dresses, salwar suits, designer wedding dresses, party wear dresses, festive wear, ethnic suits, and so on. All the dresses are customizable according to your choices. Flaunt an elegant look for the next occasion with Fareenas. 

Final Note

Conclusion:- You can style anything in your own way. Just observe what suits you best. Explore some best designs for the same. Share with Fareenas designers and customize a lovely outfit for yourself. You have to look fascinating in this wedding season.