How Can You Have A Budget – Friendly Customized Bridal Dress?

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Budget friendly customized bridal dresses are the ultimate dream for a lot of brides and as they select their bridal dresses, they have a lot of wishes because it is very meaningful to them. However, a lot of brides leave their dream lehenga because it is very expensive. Are you one of those brides who do not wish to spend some heavy amount on customized bridal dresses? Do you want your dream lehenga for your wedding but it is costing you a bomb? Well, we have some solutions for you. There are certain ways by which you can reduce your overall amount.

Get It Customized

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Is there a dress that was ready-made and you adored it but the price tag has made you think otherwise? Well, if you choose to get that dress custom made then we are sure that you are going to save a lot of money? You just have to check the dress and just let the designer know every detail that you prefer, have a talk with them and let them know what are your expectations and how you have planned your budget. They will accordingly have a proper bifurcation of prices from fabric to sewing. This way you would know to better handle your expenses.

Timely Shopping For Your Customized Bridal Dress

The different seasons are when new pieces come and the non-seasonal goes. This is a peak time when Winter and summer are the two times of the year when the designers also host a lot of sales which of course will save you a lot of money. Also, when you decide to shop early, you are not under pressure and you have an option to look for other options in case of an overbudget and last-minute shopping is always expensive.

Try lace-ups

You can choose a gown that has a lace-up corset back. This is an amazing option because it is the current trend and looks amazing. This also helps save money on alteration as it can be easily customized as per your fit and you won’t need to make any changes. You do not have to worry about the changing measurements as a corset can deal with it just perfectly.

Choose different silhouette

Usually, big ball gowns are a lot more expensive, so if you choose a simple or a more usual shape then you can save a lot more. If you choose some simple shapes then you will use less fabric and if you use less fabric then the cost automatically decreases.

How Can Such Budget-Friendly Gown Be Found?

A lot of factors are responsible for the higher cost of a customized bridal dress. There may be a lot of stuff like the fabric, the work, and any such factors that can be considered. If we manage to take care of them then we can take care of the budget as well.

Designers Lehengas

A lot of people prefer designer gowns, however, they are very expensive. However, there are a lot of companies that make adorable designer lehengas and all of them are very reasonable and budget-friendly. If you still have your eyes on one then you can get it customized for you. Fareenas can help you customize a lehenga that stole your heart.

Change in Fabric

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Fabric is a most important element which can be a matter of concern unless of course it is a customized bridal dress. The consultant can help you with the lace and the type of fabric that is both comfortable and affordable. Let’s suppose that you love a gown that is made of silk but is very expensive so to make it of your range then you can try some different type of silk that is both inexpensive and looks stunning.


The more the beading on a lehenga, the more the price of the lehenga. This is because the labor work increases and so does the cost. The brides that can get it done at a cheaper cost may opt for a plain one and then add as per their needs. The beading style also helps reduce the price.


A wedding dress requires a lot of alteration and even a bit of alteration to the dress can cost a lot of money. Usually, the wedding dress is designed to fit the bride on every part, so make sure you opt for one that is perfect for your body so that the alterations required are minimum.


Choose only accessories that go well with your customized bridal dress. Accessories enhance the wedding dress and its beauty. To fit the budget make sure you choose the right kind of accessories including earrings, necklace, mang tika, and others. However, it does not mean that you have to reduce the number of accessories because you don’t want to compensate for your wedding dress. Just make sure you choose what is required.

Fareenas For Your Budget-Friendly Lehenga

Your budget is one of the priorities of fareenas which is why you can be assured of some great products but at a well and reasonable price. They have self-made budgets and also provide many customized bridal dress which are absolutely like your dream dress. They will make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in the dress and are satisfied with your ultimate final product. You will be shown different types of styles and fabrics in various ranges and you can choose whatever is comfortable for you.

Your measurements will be taken for your customized bridal dress which will be taken care of with great precision. This assures that it will fit you properly thereby preventing any alteration which will save a lot of money.

What Else Can You Do?

Well, there are many other indirect ways to buy your wedding dress. These can help save some money for your wedding dress and can be used on your wedding dress.

Make A Budget

A lot of expenses at weddings are unnecessary and can be saved. You can save a lot more by discussing with the spouse what is a priority and what is not and where some money can be saved.

Consider Wedding Location

A wedding location is another part of a wedding that asks for a lot of money. So, for that purpose, you can change your venue as per your needs. Usually, places have a huge space for the visitors and are in a good location. Choose a location that fits best for your budget and accordingly save money over this aspect of your wedding. Of course, you can use the saved money for your wedding lehenga.

Search For The Perfect Add Ons

Choose wisely when you look for flowers, music, food, etc, and all the things that matter at a wedding. See if you can find them in good quality and an affordable range. This way they will fit your budget and you would be able to save more on the wedding dress.

All the most, it is important that when you wear your customized bridal wedding dress, you must feel satisfied and contended. You must have the chance to wear your favorite wedding dress and fareenas help you with that. You can wear your favorite dress because fareenas customize it in the best way possible and give you the perfect dress that you wish. Their customized bridal dress are well made and thus are appreciated a lot. In case you get a customized bridal dress from them, be ready for all those compliments.