Customize Your Wedding Outfit with Fareenas- 8 Easy Steps

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A wedding is a precious occasion in one’s life. Everyone wants to enjoy it to its fullest. So they plan best of everything from décor to food, music to outfits. All the things must be dreamy and unique. Some of you prefer hiring wedding planners. In order to make everything perfect and professional. But some things are better to be planned on your own. Especially wedding outfit from occasions of mehndi to reception. Every outfit must be so enchanting that it seeks all the limelight. So some of you probably visit the best designer’s to select your outfit. Whereas others prefer to customize and design it on their own. 

Visiting boutiques or showrooms for selecting your outfit is quite easy. But not every time you find the perfect one. You have to adjust to what is already available. So if you don’t want to compromise with this. You should try customizing your outfit on your own. You should collaborate with a designer to personalize every detail of your outfit. A custom outfit is a result of purely your vision for a dreamy wedding outfit. So if you are looking forward to customizing a wedding outfit, continue reading. Here’s a guide that will help you to customize your dreamy outfit. 

Before creating a design for your new outfit. You should prepare yourself with the following aspects:-

1. Prepare Your Budget 

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First of all, you should prepare a wedding budget. This is very common that before beginning anything we need to plan. Planning a budget is going to be very helpful. If you have a wedding budget, this will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses. Cutting down the unnecessary expenditures will leave with more savings. So that you can spend more on important things. 

2. Decide The Type Of Outfit

After deciding your budget, you need to make other important decisions. Now you have to decide what you want to wear. It could be a typical ethnic Indian lehenga or classy western gown. A beautiful Patiala suit or Anarkali dress. The choice is yours. Just finalize the type of outfit. 

3. Visit Fareenas

Now after deciding what you are going to wear on your special day, visit Fareenas.  A wedding dress is one of the important parts of a wedding. This precious thing must be designed without any compromise. So share your thoughts with our designers. They will design the best outfit for you and according to you. It could be a lavish lehenga or a simple but elegant gown.

4. Discuss Your Vision

After choosing the type of outfit you have to decide what type of design you want.  There are various designs and styles available for inspiration. You can check Fareenas gallery for inspiration. It could be a bit confusing because everything seems attractive. But you should be clear about what you want to wear. You can also use the web for inspiration, but your attire must be unique. 

Now after finalizing what design you want to wear. It could be a sequin gown or diamond and heavy embroidery lehenga. Just express your vision to Fareenas designers. 

5. Decide The Fabric For Your Wedding Outfit

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Fabrics play an important role in an outfit. A good fabric can double the glamour of an outfit or vice-versa. So explore different types of fabrics, and know what suits you. Choosing the right fabric is very important. For instance:- Chiffon for a winter wedding gown is not a good idea. Choose the appropriate fabric according to your body type and wedding season. 

6. Talk With Our Professional Designer

Don’t miss this step, as discussing it with your professional designer will help you to get the best out of it. You might not have complete knowledge related to the material. Also discuss other information like color, theme, venue, season, and other important details. 

7. Set A Timeline

Designing any type of outfit needs time. Arranging raw material, sewing it accordingly, fitting, and alteration obviously needs time. So if you want a perfect outfit, think about it at least  4 to  5 months before your big day. Even if you are in a hurry, you still can get a customized outfit. But proper finishing requires time, so set a timeline and follow it. 

8. Modify

Once your outfit is done it’s time to modify and make minor changes. Fareenas professional designers will make the best custom outfit for you. But sometimes minor variations are good though. So don’t get overwhelmed, stay calm. Be creative, and have faith in us. We will now disappoint you. Just enjoy, be practical and welcome suggestions. You’re going to rock with an ideal outfit. 

Final Note 

Simply follow the above mentioned steps to customize your outfit from scratch. Make sure to choose a relevant fabric to get the best results, within your budget. Don’t hesitate in expressing your vision to our designers. We are here to listen to you, suggest you, and serve you a perfect outfit.