Does your bridal dress have these?

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The trend of the bridal dress keeps changing with the seasons. To look the best on your wedding day, you must know the current trends and know the finest details that make your lehenga glow up. You need to focus on all aspects of the lehenga to achieve a celebrity look.

Celebrities focus on a lot of things to make their lehenga look perfect. Keep reading to know what is the absolute must for your lehenga.

Detailed Neckline

Your bridal dress neckline is something that can steal the heart of all the girls who attend the wedding. The neckline is where your neck and arms find an opening in the dress, it is one of the finest detail that gets noticed a lot. There are a lot of necklines that you can try but remember that the trend for certain necklines comes and go, so make sure you take a wise decision. You can try necklines such as one shoulder and halter, bateau, or jewel.

All these are for anyone who wishes to cover their chest and collarbone but if you don’t wish to do a show and want to proudly showcase your collarbones then you can go for sweetheart, portrait, v-neck, and also off the shoulder and you can decide how long you want them to be. This part of the dress adds a character and gives it a beautifully elegant look thereby, highlighting your physical feature like your beautiful long neck and shoulders.

Dive Into Those Sleeves

Bridal dress sleeves define your style and taste, it gives the gown a topic of interest. Usually, these sleeves depend on the season as well like winter has long sleeves, however, long sleeves also give a very formal look which is evergreen. Now, if you wish to go for some sexy looks then you can go for spaghetti straps, cap sleeves, etc. Even strapless sleeves are also a very trendy fashion. You must ensure that your wedding dress has only that style of sleeves that define you best and make sure to give it a trend touch. You can also go for some statement styles like boho bell or maximalist puff.

Attractive Bodice

The top part of a bridal dress which is also called the bodice is that section that has a lot of detailing and can act as a catalyst to the beauty of your lehenga. It covers your stomach, bust, and waist. You can choose any bodice that you feel is comfortable for you.

Currently, the corset bodice is used a lot because of the fine shaping that it gives to the upper body, however, you can also choose some loose-fitting bodice. The decoration on this bodice is of significant importance, you can choose it to be decorative as well as very functional. The decoration can either be similar or in contrast to the lehenga but make sure it goes well with your lehenga.

A waistline that stands out

The bridal dress has a waistline which is a horizontal seam near the midriff. It helps give the lehenga a proper shape and gives your body structure a boost. Every waistline is classic and believes us you have a huge variety to choose from. It shows how well the dress goes on your body. You can also go for a natural waistline which is more traditional or go for drop waists that were used to create an image of a long torso. However, you may choose a wedding dress that does not have a waistline only that it must do justice to your body.

The Lehenga

bridal dress

The lehenga is the show stopper of the entire look. It is what decides what the bride chooses to wear on her wedding day. It follows different styles and has different works on the lehenga. The entire look of the bridal dress depends on the lehenga. The bottom can be of different sizes, shapes, as well as lengths, depending on your style. It can vary from a single layer to multiple layers depending on the fabric.

The shape of the skirt is the more a deciding factor if your look is a pass or a fail, so be very wise with it. Your bridal dress will most likely have a lining that can be nude which helps prevents the wedding dress from being sheer. It also prevents potential itching due to embellishments. The dress will also have a crinoline, petticoat, or anything else as an underskirt which creates volume on the skirt. You should add them even if your dress does not have them.

Hemline Speaks Volume?

It is the length of the skirt which is known as the hemline. It makes your dress formal as and when it increases. A lot of wedding dresses usually have floor-length hemlines, which is traditional as well as a preference in the Indian culture, It decided the authentic look of the Indian bridal dress. You may choose a somewhat lower hemline but avoid it if possible especially if you choose to go Indian but if you are our ever challenging, stereotype breaker sort of a bride then go do your heart girl, try every hemline you can and choose the best one.

What Are Some Of The Other Terms That You Should Be Aware Of?

It is important to know certain terms to check if your bridal dress has certain quality standards or not. These terms can help you know the things that matter and can give you the best and most comfortable look and at the same time a very trendy look of the season.

Silhouette – The Shape Of The Lehenga

It is a term used when you refer to the shape of the lehenga. It is the most important element of all and it is the ultimate necessity of any lehenga. The silhouette decides what fashion you chose and what could be the possible theme of your wedding. The dream look can be brought to reality once you make some excellent choices regarding the bodice and lehenga. Suppose, you want to keep a minimal look then you can go for column or sheath silhouettes or if you want some sexy outfit then a mermaid can be a good option.

Fabric – That Decides Your Comfort

The texture is the reason that makes your lehenga either comfortable or uncomfortable. Personal style and comfort are why fabric plays an important role. The fabric can change the entire look of the dress. A low-quality fabric can spoil even an excellently designed lehenga and a high-quality fabric can enhance even a simple-looking lehenga. Some are more body fit while others hold to a shape, some are famous for their heavy look while others are famous for how light they are to carry. Some fabrics are widely used for weddings like silk, chiffon, lace, etc. Choose the fabric that fits the season and the budget and your body.

Color – Vibrant Or Calm?

Indian weddings allow their brides to choose from a huge range of colors. There is no more only red for the brides. You have the option of going from red to peach, orange to green, and experimenting with all the colors you love, making contrasts and new combinations. You can go to a different color on the top and a different color on the bottom with matching jewelry. Color can be an important as well as very confusing choice for many people. You have to see the season, the time, the style and everything. If you can manage the colors well then you are up for some great attention and photographs.

Embellishments – Upgrade The Level

Embellishments are the add-on to your overall look. This ranges from lace, beading, and embroidery to sequins, shimmer, and layers. It makes your lehenga look more glamorous and attractive. A simple fabric lehenga with all these embellishments can turn out to be a piece of beauty. The bodice can also be dressed up with these embellishments and you can get it all customized. You can let the stylist know what and how you plan to do things and he will suggest to you some of the great ideas and trendy embellishments that can enhance your wedding lehenga.

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