5 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Golden Lehenga At Your Wedding.

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That little glamor never hurts like that of a golden lehenga. Those gold silhouettes can be everything on your wedding day. Wedding dresses are full of glamor and have a shine that is unachievable on any other dress. A perfect day justifies all that glitter and shimmer making it all the beauty in the world. Our brides are turning classy and modern but gold remains the choice of many.

A beautiful color justifying and enhancing the beauty of every bride. You wear it and it’s ready to get involved with the atmosphere and just shine. You wear it at any point of the day and you do have not to worry about how it looks because the way the color gushes with the environment is phenomenal.

We have come to an era where people do not settle for the known and keep experimenting with the existing. Well, we have to say that these experiments have stood out. We know each bride is different and has very different choices with colors and design, which is why we bring to you some unique ideas which you can try for your wedding dress. The various combinations will leave you in awe and you will be able to find the perfect lehenga for your wedding if you wish to go all golden. If you are someone who is looking for reasons to wear golden but cannot conclude…girl we got you covered.

Gives a distinctive yet definitive look

golden lehenga

The color ‘golden’ itself speaks a lot. Wearing it is a view of its own and can be the most stunning beauty in the entire wedding. Usually, weddings take place at night, and as the lights shine, so does your lehenga, which makes it beautiful and the bride wearing it is the one who sets the theme for all. You must have taken a lot of perspective and a lot of options before choosing your absolute dress and if you chose a golden lehenga out of all then you are up for some great compliments.

Gold can go with a lot of colors

Just like you can change the entire look of a lehenga with various fabrics and appliqués by using net fabric with many embellishments or other fabrics like silk, etc so can you with the different colors that you choose to play with. However, be sure that the colors are not too extreme coz that may end up being too extreme, however, you can do it if you do the shade game right. There is so much you can do with a golden lehenga, if you want to not add color to the lehenga then you can choose embellishments that could be of some different color like pink, red, etc.

Choose what work would you like differently colored, maybe the borders or brocade, just don’t overdo it. Some of the colors that you can use include rose gold which is of course such a rich shade and works best when used in net or sequin work. Another color that you can use is the traditionally acknowledged wedding color ‘red’. You can choose a golden lehenga with a red blouse and a dupatta. This can be very different yet so beautiful to the eyes.

The color makes you look young and beautiful and needs less makeup

Golden as a color is very young and anyone who wears it will look beautiful and a lot younger because it brings that shimmer and glows to your face and body as and when you wear it. If you are someone who doesn’t like makeup or wants minimum makeup on your day then golden is the color for you. It requires minimum make-up, mostly copper-based makeup with more emphasis on eyes and some work on those cheeks and lips and you are good to go. You can also go with a simple colored eyeliner or kajal.

Heavy and Light jewelry works

Source: Pexels – Shiru Gamage

Now, India is a place where jewelry is always a trend. It is considered to be a beauty enhancer for brides especially. You can choose jewelry either heavy or light as per the work on your lehenga, if you are wearing a heavily embroidered lehenga that has a net dupatta maybe go for Kundan jewelry, or if you are wearing a short blouse then go for heavy jewelry. Gold jewelry is also an option that you can consider as it is used a lot because it is considered to be a symbol of Goddess Mahalaxmi and it is also very everlasting. So, you might as well go for them if your lehenga has some contrasts.

Fits all skin tones

Gold is a color that adores the different skin tones and just enhances itself with its atmosphere. It is a neutral color which is why you can be sure of it working on your skin tone. Moreover, it works phenomenally on all Indian skin tones. Thus, be confident and rock that golden lehenga.

How To Reuse The Golden Lehenga?

Weddings are special and especially for women. Their wedding outfit is very special simply because they do a lot of hard work to find the best one for their day. A lot of women wish to reuse them but are unable to because of several reasons but we are here to solve that problem for you and bring you the best ideas. We will show you all the different styles that you can try with your golden lehenga.

Switch Blouses

Now, if you are someone who played with colors then you are up for some treat especially if it was with the blouse. Simply change the blouse, try some simple blouse if your golden lehenga has some heavy work with a heavy dupatta.

That Dupatta Is The Solution

Now, if you wear a lot of traditional clothing then you must know that the dupatta has the power to change the game. The way you drape it can change the appearance from a bride to a bridesmaid or maybe anything you want as long as you can pull it off. That golden lehenga will surely pull off any dupatta style. You can also choose some different dupatta if you wish. Maybe choose some different colors and yes you can use more than one dupatta.

Maybe Turn Anarkali

What if we tell you that you can wear your golden lehenga in Anarkali style? All you need to do is get that blouse stitched to the golden lehenga and you are good to go as mentioned experiment with the blouse if you wish.

Jackets are the trend

Now, you must have seen jackets with a lot of traditional outfits and that is what you have to do to your golden lehenga. Choose the one that perfectly justifies your golden lehenga, check everything from color to length.

Turn it into a Saree

Use the dupatta to help you turn your lehenga into a saree. A golden saree is gorgeous for anyone to wear.

Kurtas and lehengas

The style is the beautiful golden lehenga with kurtas. Asymmetrical hemline kurtas work best and are super stylish.

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Golden lehengas are the current trend and are adorable. Let your wedding dress be an inspiration for many others. Keep the key requirements in mind and do not forget to experiment. Happy experimenting ;).