How To Plan A Magnificent Wedding in Delhi- 101 Guide

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Delhi is the capital of India. Everything is available there. You can literally find anything your heart wants. Taking the example of a wedding, Suppose you want to get ready from the best makeup artist. There are various options available in Delhi. From celebrity makeup artists to professionals for brides. In case you want to wear customized outfits, you can visit Fareenas. If your heart wants to plan the best wedding in Delhi, you can hire the best wedding planners. If you want to plan everything on your own then we are here for you. Delhi is a cultural and resourceful rich city. It not only offers the best things with various options but also follows the latest trends.

So if you want to plan a dreamy wedding by yourself, you can easily do it. You can easily find the best in Delhi. All you need is a little guidance, and for that purpose, we are here. From best-customized outfits to amazing and beautiful venues, Delhi is the city of Dreams. Whether you want to plan a typical desi Indian wedding or one in western-style with Persian decor and Chinese cuisine. Here is a complete guide on how to plan a wedding in Delhi. All your queries about where to shop or what to wear, what is the best venue according to your dreams. Every question will be answered in this guide. Let’s start with where to shop. 

Best places to shop for your wedding:-

Most of the wedding fun is covered with shopping. Shopping is the most exciting thing. Especially the shopping for a wedding in Delhi. There are various places where you can buy your outfit, jewelry, footwear, and other accessories. From best designer pieces to simple and decent outfits. Various options are available in different markets. Depending upon your budget. If your budget is a little tight for shopping then you can visit these markets. Here’s the list:-

1. Chandni Chowk

You can find various lehengas and at the cause as low as 2000. Even after that, you can do bargaining as there is a lot of scope for that. The best part of shopping from Chandni Chowk is the mid break to Paratha Wali Gali. There are many shops so possibly you will find some good outfits.

2. Karol Bagh

Now if you want to shop for small little things besides outfits as well then you should go for Karol Bagh. It is not expensive and a little more organized than other markets like Chandni Chowk. It offers a great variety of outfits, accessories and so on.  Last but not least you can bargain here as well. 

3. Lajpat Nagar

This place is for the small things to add to your outfit like laces, latkan, and fabrics. You should visit Lajpat Nagar, to buy these little yet important things. These accessories are important to get the best out of your output. It will add more grace to your outfit giving it a perfect classy look. Semi-stitched suits, Anarkali, and lehengas are available in Lajpat Nagar.

4. Rajouri Garden

In Rajouri Garden, you will probably find outfits for every ceremony from haldi to reception. Although prices of Rajouri are comparatively higher. But it is worthy enough as they offer a great variety from gowns for the Haldi ceremony to cocktail dresses. Everything is available in Rajouri. Last but not least you can consider visiting Shahpur Jat for the remaining shopping. 

These are some famous markets in Delhi where you can shop for your wedding. But what if you don’t find a perfect dreamy outfit? No worries, we got that covered too. If you don’t find the best outfit for your wedding then you can get it customized with:


Wedding In Delhi

Fareenas will design the best custom outfit for your wedding. They offer customized lehengas, suits, Anarkali dresses, sharara,  gowns, and a lot more. Visit Fareenas to get your dreamy outfit. 

Best Venues For Wedding In Delhi

Now moving on to the next important part of weddings. Choosing a perfect venue is very difficult. You have to visit many places to find the best one for you. As it must be special, and fall under the budget. There is no shortage of wedding venues in Delhi. You will surely find something according to your needs. 

Obviously based on your budget and according your vision and guests. Whether you want a grand wedding in a farmhouse or a simple one in a Banquet Hall. There are multiple options available where you can visualize your wedding. All you need to do is do a little research. So here are some best wedding venues that you can consider for your wedding. 

1. La Mansion Banquets in Wazirpur

Best for a fairytale wedding. It is so royal that it seems to be very expensive. But fortunately, it is affordable. Must visit and get the details. Else you can contact them over a phone for basic details. 

2. Shagun Farms by FnP Garden in Chhatarpur

It has a huge area that is perfect for wedding purposes. Beautiful lawns with luxurious furniture. Catering and decoration are their specialties. Make your wedding more beautiful with Shagun Farms.

3. Zorba

If you want a filmy wedding then this Zorba is a perfect place for you. It will give a Bollywood vibe. Beautiful landscape views and there is an indoor hall that is best for small functions.

4. Indian Habitat Centre

If you want a destination wedding but due to some reasons, you are unable to do it. Then you should go to the Indian Habitat Centre. This one is perfect for a Patiala and destination-type wedding vibe. It is a little far away from Gurgaon. You will also get some other options for a royal-style destination wedding in Delhi.

Besides these, Zorba Entertainment, ITC Grand Bharat, and The Lutyens are also good options to consider. There are many wedding venues on Delhi Gurgaon road. Visit and check for the best accordingly. 

The Best Wedding Photographers In Delhi

Weddings are a one-day occasion but the relationship, and the memories stay forever and so do photographs. So it is very important to choose the best photographer for your wedding. according to your style and vision for your wedding photographs.

The one has professional skills, perfect resources, and reasonable pricing. So that you have the best Candid captures photographs of your wedding. So here are a few suggestions for the same.

1. Shutterdown Photography

Wedding Promo of a Delhi Wedding

Check out the amazing work done by shutterdown photography team on their social media channels. You can also check out their website

2. Our Wedding Chapter

Another great option for your wedding photoshoot. Check out our wedding chapter and plan your chapter of wedding.

3. Cine Love Productions

They are specialized in wedding photography. You can get detailed info from social media platforms and contact them through the mail.

The Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

A wedding is incomplete without a bride. Similarly, a bride is incomplete without perfect makeup. Some professional makeup artists have their studios in Delhi. Stalk their website and social media a little bit to understand their style. So you can easily select the best one for you.

1. Ambika Pillai Designer Salon

She is a famous and well known personality. Check out her work on social media channels.

2. Aradhana Khanna

Another professional makeup artist for your wedding makeup. You can check her work and contact them through their social media channels.

Shruti Sharma, Guneet virdi are some other well known name in the same field you can easily find their websites and social media handles if you want to book them for your wedding.

The Best Wedding Cards For Delhi Weddings

The last thing on the list is wedding invitation cards. All the preparation is obviously for guests. Invite them with a beautiful creative invitation card. Chawri Bazaar is the place where you can get all types of wedding cards under every budget and together with a customizable facility. But make sure to visit at least one month before you need the cards. Almost all shops in Chawri Bazar need at least 1 month to prepare your cards. It’s better to stay on the safe side.

Final Note 

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and start planning your wedding. If you prefer to only customize everything. Then Chawri Bazar for wedding cards and Fareenas for bridal outfits are going to be the best choice for you. Start with planning your budget and then move ahead with one-by-one preparation. Happy Wedding!