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Need Help With Your Bridal Dress? We understand. The idea of going bridal dress shopping takes you to another fantasy world but once you step out ….boom, you face reality. It might be something that you have wanted to do for so long especially if you are someone who loves fashion but trusts us it is very different from your daily casual shopping where you just have to make a choice and you can make a lot of them and you would need help with your bridal dress.

It is more exhausting and requires a lot of effort, therefore it can be more daunting than a fairy tale. Even if you love shopping, this is something that combined with the current crisis pandemic can be a lot more challenging. A lot of you may be planning small weddings like those of 2020 and 2021 and with the new rise in covid cases even 2022 may be something of the same. But, does that mean that your fantasy world has to suffer? Well, absolutely no. We are here to help you, guiding you from the minor to the major mistakes that you can prevent and that can help you with your decisions.

Now, this is something that requires great advice, irrespective of whom you choose to go shopping with, you should still keep in mind some things that can help you with your shopping process. This article will help you know everything that a lot of brides do not know and end up making some major blunders. So, let’s help you get to your perfect entry look.

Be Aware

Have you seen someone excel at something without knowing anything about it? We heard your answer and that is the reason we say that you must do detailed research on it. At this stage of the pandemic, we know that the bridal dresses went through a great turmoil of changes and since you have all the time, you must keep yourself updated.

Scroll through the Instagram pages, famous websites for designs, and the magazines and anything and everything that you find at least for an hour each day. Understand what you love about such dresses and what elements would you prefer on yours including the beads, the neckline, the hems, the dupatta, and everything that intrigues you. This way, you would have an idea about what you prefer, the brand, the design, etc and the expert will get a heads up on what he should show you.

But does that mean we are telling you to be an expert in the field? No, of course not. We understand that it is really important to you and you need guidance which is why you are here. We do not want you to know everything from the notch but just something from details like the season you prefer to get married, the venue, or the dress code you might have so that you get a head start. Just know your liking, you may like deep necks and would want to avoid circle necklines, that much itself is a great start.

A lot of you may already be well aware of what exactly you want, which again is great, however, there is a huge possibility that you might not have that exact dress in real life. Well, this is exactly why we said that we do not wish you to become an expert, we would suggest that keep an idea, meet the brand that you like and see if they have anything similar or even related because you never know maybe some other dress does just the right justice to your beauty and give you even a finer imagination.

Be True To Your Budget

Let’s discuss possibilities here – You go to a store, get your perfect dress within your budget, and you buy it? Umm..yes, a possibility. Then, you go to a store, you love a dress, it is out of your budget, you leave it? Also, a possibility. You go to a store and love a dress, but it’s over budget to an extent that it crosses your top limit and yet you are thinking of buying it? This is problematic now.

Here, we are not saying you should just stick to your budget, you should but being flexible is also fine as long as it does not cross your ultimate limit. If you find yourself in doubt, just ask if it makes you comfortable to have a dress at the given price tag and go by the answer. You must remember that your bridal dress is not the only thing you need, you would need your shoes, accessories, etc. When you keep them in mind, you are more likely to make a wise decision.

Limit That Crowd – Only take those whom you need help with your bridal dress

When you go shopping for a special day, you would want to be with people who are close and intimate. This works best if these close people are limited to 1 or 2 at most. We say this because a lot of people can have different opinions and this way leaves you confused. Make sure, you choose people who do not make you insecure and with whom you are the most comfortable. Let only your close ones know your secret wedding outfit. Also, since they know you well, they will be better able to guide you on what would look good on you and not to mention the honest opinions that can be assured.

As and when you try different outfits, just make sure you give yourself a thorough look from all angles. See how you feel about it and give your second and third opinions. What you feel is the most important and then comes the opinions of others. A lot of voices can suppress your opinion.

Look For A Stylist

A stylist can be your guide, advocate, and great friend. A stylist can be a great insider, providing you with the latest trend since he/she will be aware of the industry with great details and can be your great problem solver. They will be your great support and the upper hand. You can find them in many famous bridal stores as they have people, especially for this purpose.

Comfort Is Priority

Now, if we are talking about comfort then let’s begin with the shopping day itself. You want to be in clothes that are comfortable and are easy to handle when you have to try a lot of dresses. Let it be as per the weather, loose and stretchy. The same goes for your shoes, let them be simple and comfy. This is especially important if you are very nervous and just want things to go smoothly. Just wear fewer accessories and be prepared that you are up for some roller coaster that day. Keep a friend or known close to you on your wedding day just in case you need help with your bridal dress.

What Should You Consider While Buying Your Lehenga?

You are completely blank on what to check before buying your dress? Don’t worry it is something a lot of us face. However, there are really simple things that can be checked to help us have a smooth experience with the dress choice.

Consider Your Body Type

We all know that Indian bridal dresses can be really heavy to carry and may not be something that your body can handle, which is why you can consider the current trend of customization. You must consider your body type while making a choice and you always have the option of customizing your dress. If you are skinny then you can choose something lighter but is both elegant and smart because a lot of heavy embroideries may not give justice to your body.

You just have to look for a balance where both you and your bridal dress fetches equal attention, however, we won’t mind if you want to be biased in terms of attention, after all, it is your day.

Be sure of the colors and the Embroidery

Bridal dresses have mostly been of colors like red and pink but we have seen a lot more colors taking over this industry from peach to green, so if you are our experimental bride and wish to go out of the way from red and pink’s then you are also on the perfect path.

But just give some fashion rules in mind like if you wish to go for some light color then a heavy, properly done wish bright color embroidery would help your dress with a lavish and attractive look and at the same time maintain its elegance. Irrespective of what dress you choose, If you do the color and embroidery game right, you have managed to win 70% of the perfect dress challenge. Zardosi and Sequins are some embroidery types that go great with lighter shades.

Choose The Right Fit

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to be sure about the fit of the dress. The dress is supposed to make you feel special and not terrible and inflexible. What’s the use if you are constantly checking if your dress is in the right place and are unable to pick up your purse without discomfort and constantly need help with your bridal dress in order to fix it? What you expect of your blouse should be made clear and during trials, if you feel anything less than comfortable, just don’t go for it. Decide what bra will work best under the dress and make sure of all the ties that the dress might have.

Synchronize your dress and jewelry

Jewelry works as a cherry on top, they do magic when you need help with your bridal dress look because it looks dull, so make sure you place this part perfectly. We understand that you might have some special jewelry that you have wanted to wear on your special day, which is why you must choose a dress that goes well with it. This choice can change the dynamics of your look. Even if you are someone who has not decided on their jewelry yet, we recommend you to choose your jewelry first because this way, you can choose better.

Be friends with the fabric

Your fabric plays such an important role in your overall look. There are a huge variety of fabrics available from stiff to rich. You have to choose depending on what is comfortable on your skin and what matches your desired look. Remember that it is not your lehenga and embroidery alone that will be seen but your dupatta, blouse, and such other details will also be quite visible and you don’t want to mess them up.

Take Help From Fareenas

Fareenas has the finest quality bridal dresses with the most eye-catching details. They have a huge collection of old as well as new bridal designs. They have glamorous colors and styles when it comes to bridal dresses with hand-worked adornments. They also provide customized dresses with the choice of your embroidery, fabric, embellishments, and other details that you wish to have on your bridal dress. In short, they promise you an eye-turning outfit. They can help you with glamor magic to your lehenga when you need help with your bridal dress.

The next time you go your bridal dress shopping, just know that it is for your special day and you are well aware of your needs and wants if not the actual outfit. You will rock it with a positive approach. We wish you all the best.