Top 9 Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi – 2022

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Makeup gives us confidence. Who doesn’t want their makeup to be perfect every day? Especially when it’s your DDay. Everyone’s eyes will surely be on the bride and groom. So it is necessary that every angle must be perfect. From outfits to accessories from makeup to footwear. Everything should be eye-catching. Delhi has scored best in terms of makeup artists. There are many well-known makeup artist salons available in Delhi. They will fulfill your desire for the best wedding look. From having a simple and nude makeup look to looking like a Diva. Here are some best makeup artists in Delhi for your wedding.

Makeup Artists In Delhi

1. Guneejt Virdi

This professional makeup artist is known for celebrity makeup. She learned her skills from the London College of makeup. When you stalk her on social media, you will notice numerous women flaunting their bridal makeup and outfits just like an angel. If you are still confused about your bridal makeup. She is probably the best choice 

Contact her at 91 9810 177 359

2. Aradhana Khanna 

She is one of the best makeup artists. Aradhna Khanna with her master skills achieves great opportunities to work with well-known icons like  Katrina Kaif, Warren Buffet, and so on. She is a professionally skilled artist and an inspiration for many. So what are you waiting for? Book her for your precious day. Contact her through social media to solve your queries. 

3. Shruti Sharma

Shruti Sharma is another talented artist and a well-known personality in the makeup field. She truly focuses on bringing out the true beauty of a bride through her makeup skills. Shruti enhances the beauty of her features, with her amazing products and incredible skills. She offers paid trials on special requests. Book her now for your wedding. If you are still confused then go through their social media channels. You will notice many beautiful and satisfied brides.

4. Anu Kaushik

She is one of the most known artists in Bollywood and fashion circles as well. Her creativity and skilled hands make her the best among the rest. She focuses on every detail. Her experience and expertise in this field will make you look perfect effortlessly. She offers perfect makeup and an amazing hairdo. She doesn’t need any trials, go for her brides.

Address:- Meera Farms, Makeup Studio & Spa – 1, Main Temple Road, Chattarpur

Contact:-  91 9312 253176

5. Shalini Singh

The experience she gained in the makeup field is truly admirable. This made it easy for her to transform a simple woman into an outstanding bride. Before practicing her perfect makeup skills, Shalini Singh preferred consulting with the bride for her vision. Related to hairstyle, makeup, and overall look. If you are not sure then you can go for a trial before your wedding day. It charges around 5000 per session, good idea right?

Address:- Style Studio – Panchsheel Enclave, D-45

6. Chandni Singh 

Another best makeup artist on the list. Her friendly personality makes her different from others. She prefers considering your suggestions. Chandni Singh offers a classy bridal makeup neither too loud nor too decent. Unless or until you are expecting the same. She observes your skin meticulously. Find out the skin concerns, then correct them accurately. Chandni Singh uses products of the best brands for makeup and tools for hairstyles. 

Address:-  Lajpat Nagar, Chandni Singh Studio – 015, Ring Road.

Contact at:- 91 9810 085 243

7. Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup 

She is another amazing makeup artist in Delhi. She gives a natural, flawless look with her skills. She is perfect for bringing out the best beauty in you. If you love quirky eye makeup. Desire to enhance the look of your bridal lehenga with the same. Then visit her for your bridal look.

8. Ambika Pillai 

She is a synonym for perfection. She is simply just outstanding. Her portfolio will win your heart just like she won various awards for the same. She will do a makeover that will transfer you from a simple girl into a beautiful bride. Just like a dream her whole team is professionally skilled. So either you want to keep your look simple or you want a dazzling heavy makeup look. visit them and share your dreams with them. They will doll you up.

9. Meenakshi Dutt

Who is not aware of Meenakshi Dutt? She is a famous name in the makeup world. Her makeup studios are available in many cities including Delhi. She has experience working with many celebrities like Bipasha Basu, Amrita Rao, Neha Dhupia, and so on. She is the first name that pops up in the mind for makeup. It is just like a dream to get your makeup done by her. She showed her makeup skills in India as well as abroad. Go through their social media channels and get a detailed look at her work. 

Must Check For Perfect Bridal Makeup Look 

Makeup Artists In Delhi

A professional makeup artist always checks two things before proceeding to makeup. The first one is the features of the bride. Makeup is all about enhancing the beauty of your features suppose if you are Eyes are more beautiful than other features a skilled artist will make your eyes look more beautiful with their makeup this will make you look attractive and eye-catching secondly your outfit before it is obvious to analyze the outfit it is color combination it’s designed so you need following things for a perfect bridal look

  • A Professional Makeup Artist 
  • Right Products
  • Matching Accessories 
  • Glamorous Outfit
  • Hair Extensions or Bun

If you hire a professional artist it is obvious that they already have the right product and hair accessories like extensions now you are left with a glamorous outfit and its matching accessories. For a glamorous outfit, Fareenas is here for you. 

What Does Fareenas Do?

We design and customize the best outfit for our clients. If you are having a royal look with the makeup of a professional makeup artist. Then why compromise with your outfit? Buy the one that you always dreamed of. It is difficult to find an outfit that is up to the mark for your expectations. So you should opt for an easy way by visiting us. We will customize the best outfit for you. from a lavish gown for the reception to a royal lehenga for your wedding. Fareenas is here.

Final Note

When you have a perfect outfit you can easily purchase or rent its matching accessories. So what are you waiting for? Start your wedding preparations now! Fulfill everything you have dreamt for your wedding. From angel-like makeup to outfits like a queen. You deserve it!